The best solution to tracking your Football Index portfolio.

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Our software automatically creates a spreadsheet for you and keeps it up to date with your portfolio and the latest pricing data. The spreadsheet also includes tools to find the future expiry dates, in-play expiry dates, charts for portfolio allocation, dividend tracking and more.

Everything is automated

With our browser extension, updating your spreadsheet with your portfolio is as easy as clicking a button. At no point will you have to manually add new players to your spreadsheet. The same goes for the pricing data of the players, which gets updated every 30 seconds so your spreadsheet is never out of sync with the market.

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Google Sheets integration

Your spreadsheet is saved in your Google Drive, meaning you can access it from anywhere and use Google Docs to edit it. You can create your own charts or use the premade ones, create custom colour-coding, make custom filters, add comments to your players or even download the document as an Excel file. The possibilites are practically endless.

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Expiration dates and daily summaries

When your portfolio is added to your spreadsheet with our browser extension, the purchase dates of your futures are inserted into a separate sheet which calculates the in-play and bet expiration dates. We also update your spreadsheet at midnight with your portfolio’s value so you can see how your portfolio evolves over time.

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