Browser extension information


What does it do?

When you click the update button in the Footietracker browser extension, your Google Sheets document will be updated with your Football Index portfolio data. This data consists of the players in your portfolio, their purchase dates, their quantities, etc.

How do I know it's safe?

Our browser extension is open-source which means its code is publicly available and can be checked by other developers. We also include instructions on how to build the extension from the source code. The extensions have also been verified by the stores we have published it in and at no point will any credentials be sent to our servers.

Why is my portfolio data sent to Footietracker?

Our servers merely act as a middleman between you and Google Sheets. The portfolio data will be processed by our servers so your spreadsheet can be updated in an organised manner. At no point in time will any of your portfolio data be stored by us.



Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.


Install the extension from Add-ons for Firefox page.

Microsoft Edge

Install the extension from the Microsoft Store.

Safari, Opera and other browsers

Unfortunately, our extension does not work for these browsers. If you are using a Chromium based browser such as Brave, it should be possible to install the extension via the Chrome Web Store.


The first thing you need to do is login to your Football Index account on After you have done that, the extension will be able to view your portfolio data whenever it needs to be sent to your spreadsheet.

Before you try use the extension, check that you are visiting a page from as the extension only works on pages from their website.

Chrome, Edge

You can open the extension by clicking on the Footietracker logo in your extensions list, which is next to the URL bar.


The extension can be opened by clicking on the Footietracker logo that can be found to the right of the URL bar (ony while visiting


The interface currently has two buttons: a simplified update button and a full update button.

Simplified update button

The simplified button will update the portfolio sheet of your spreadsheet but will not add your shares' expiration dates to the expiration sheet. This faster version of the two and it shouldn't take more than a few seconds depending on your Internet connection.

Full update button

The full update button will update the portfolio sheet as well as the expiration dates of your shares in the expiration sheet. This will always be the slower version of the two. The duration of the update mainly depends on how many transactions you have made in total.

Technical differences between the two buttons

The simplified button will update your spreadsheet with the data that's visible on your Football Index portfolio page. The full update button additionally goes through your transaction history to find your shares purchase dates to calculate their expiration dates and in-play expiration dates.